Life Lately I

Happy Sunday!  Let’s check in, shall we? Here’s a bit of Life Lately:

1. Being incredibly overwhelmed with work and school this week.  I had a midterm yesterday and I didn’t get much sleep this week between working, working out, and studying.

2. One reason being that I decided to go to Big Bear last weekend…but I had so much fun!  Emily and Randy invited us to go with them to her family’s cabin.  It was beautiful!  There was also a pool table and a pinball machine, which we all enjoyed.  The boys went boarding and the girls went tubing.  No boarding for me (I’m not very coordinated, plus I had an awful first experience a few years ago).  Plenty of food, snacks, and tequila fun for all though :)





A few yummy meals were eaten.

Breakfast at this adorable little cafe: 2 eggs over-medium, fruit, and sourdough.

(I wasn’t too hungry when we ate, so I stuck with something basic, but they had an apple, broccoli, and goat cheese omelette which sounded kind of bomb.)

Dinner at this delicious Indian restaurant:  chicken tikka masala (extra spicy), sauteed spinach (amazing), basmati rice, and my personal favorite–garlic naan

3. Back to working out and my workouts this week:  I ran 2.5 miles without stopping!  My goal is to run the Redondo Beach Superbowl 5K in a couple of weeks and I’m pretty confident that I will be able to do so without stopping!  Let’s try to make it happen.

4. I tried these lettuce wraps and they were delicious + boyfriend approved.  Definitely a keeper around here.

5. Steve and Betsy came over last night and brought Ziggy.  The doggies played while we enjoyed some beer, wine, and chips.  Then, the four of us decided to check out the new Barney’s Beanery that just opened up in Redondo.  It took over what used to be Kilkenny’s, Let’s just say that place had about a million TVs!  It you like sports, go there; if you like good service, think again.  Luckily, they acknowledged that they gave us crappy service were over capacity all day and ending up comping our entire meal + drinks!

We started off with some margaritas, vodka cranberries, and an appetizer sampler.  The sampler included: jalapeno poppers (need I say more?), mozz sticks, chili cheese fries, cajun shrimp, and onion rings.  Kenny got the Ultimate Burger-which had bacon, blue cheese, and arugula on it.  I ordered the Rocket salad, which never came = why we ended up getting comped.  But I was more that satisfied with some bites of burger and sweet potato fries.  Yum.

Oh btw, it was our first time trying Uber and we are hooked!  We all agreed that the service was so much better than our local cab’s.

After the Beanery, we headed over to Sophie’s Place to have some more drinks.  Our friend Keon was there (his family owns it) and it was nice to enjoy some beer and wine and catch up.  Finally, we couldn’t end the night without one last stop next door at Mickey Finz,  There may or may not have been Patron shots, followed by a drunken Uber ride home, and some pizza to end the night.

Okay, I’m exhausted.  I’m crawling back in bed for some Kenny/Jax snuggles before heading to TKB in a few hours.  Have a great Sunday!


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